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Etaprime GBN 50-160/402


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Etaprime GBN - 2 Pole (3-400V)


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  • Design

    1 Self-priming after the pump casing has been filled with the fluid handled.

    2 Excellent suction behaviour Self-priming up to 9 m. No foot valve required.
    3 Insensitive to the penetration of gas and air.
    4 Double-acting mechanical seal available for tough applications.
    5 Service-friendly thanks to robust KSB-IEC three-phase motor.
    6 Easy to clean via inspection cover.
    7 Wear-resistant Shaft sleeve prevents wear on the shaft.
    8 Simple dismantling Back pull-out design: The casing may remain in the piping while the pump is dismantled.
    9 Operating reliability Maintenance-free mechanical seal


    Water supply
    Fire-fighting systems
    Spray irrigation
    General irrigation
    Cooling water
    Air-conditioning systems
    Drinking water
    Service water
    Swimming pool water
    Fire-fighting water
    Brackish water
    Cleaning agents