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Is one name in the motor-driven pump sector that has been synonymous of high technology, quality and reliability all over the world for more than 30 years. Since 1975 DAB have been designing and constructing motor-driven pumps within a well-defined scenario: to meet the increasing market demands and not only with the highest quality products but also with an efficient, flexible service. DPS Pumps stock some of DAB Pumps leading products including:


DAB pumps and valves help to supply households, farms and industrial plants with clean water and service water. Applications:

Automatic Booster Pumps - Automatic water lifting units. 
Borehole Pumps - Designed for use in 4" wells or greater. 
Euroinox Pumps – Self-priming multistage horizontal centrifugal pump. 
Jet M-P Pumps - Self-priming centrifugal pump. 
Jet Pumps - Self-priming centrifugal pump. 
Jetinox Pumps - Self-priming centrifugal pump. 
Deep Suction Pumps - Self-priming centrifugal pump for suction up to 27 metres. 
End suction Centrifugal Pumps - Self-priming pump with side liquid channel and star-shaped impeller. 
Garden and Pond Pumps - Self-priming centrifugal pump for gardening applications. 
Submersibles – Ranges include the Feka, Nova, Verty Nova, Divertron and Pulsar. 
Swimming Pool Pumps - Self-priming centrifugal pumps with built-in large capacity prefilter. 
Vertical Multistage Pumps - suitable for use in small and medium water supply installations. 

Waste Water

Customers need DAB pumps to transport and clean municipal or industrial waste water. Specially developed mixers are also used in the waste water treatment processes. Applications:

Submersibles – Ranges include the Feka, Nova, Verty Nova, Divertron and Pulsar.