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DAB ACTIVE JI 102M Automatic Booster Pump


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Automatic Booster Pump

Dry Run Protection

Suction up to 8m

Up to 4.7Bar

Up to 60 L/min

  • Applications


    Automatic water lifting units, particularly suitable for domestic use, small installations for civil, agricultural, industrial use, washing and hobby applications.

    The units are self-priming electropumps that can operate even when there are air bubbles and gas. 


    The ACTIVE system is a built-in, easy-to-install, and ready-to-use device which:

    • controls it
    • commands it automatically
    • regulates its functioning
    • limits starts
    • guarantees pressure stability inside the hydraulic circuit
    • electronically controls starting pressure.


    Equipped with a dual control device, the ACTIVE system collects and processes, by means of an electronic circuit, all data related to the water pressure and flow. 
    The electric pump always works at the utmost conditions.
    On the opening of a cycle, with a minimum water extraction, the electric pump is started by the Active system after the pressure of the system has dropped to the set level that can be adjusted from 1.5 to 2.5 bar by the user.

    Active limits the number of start-ups of the electric pump in the event of leaks in the system, small drops and seeping or small extractions.
    The Active system eliminates the water hammer because, with the interruption of the water extraction, the electric pump stops at zero flow rate.
    In the event of lack of suction water, the Active system intervenes avoiding that the electric pump works dry.
    On returned normal functioning conditions, ACTIVE automatically restores operation.
    Maintenance and adjustment are not necessary.